We were a bodacious no-drop jogventure squad for all -- we explored off-pavement terrain + tasty trail gnar from Brie's 2020 inception through the Summer Of Rain 2023. The Gnar Squarrr brought together fun folks for weekly woodsy hilarity and a few wild weekend adventures including our very own ultramarathon race in August 2022 Bloobs 25/50K + Campout!

Why are we folding? Welp, because the "we" secret is that it's just me (Brie) and without blathering on in oversharing detail (my specialty), running had a place in my life that just isn't there anymore. Really stepping out of my comfort zone, I'm so proud I found the confidence to form a group in a new-to-me sport in a new-to-me town in order to find my kinda people in rural New Hampshire during an incredibly stressful time for the globe. And I'm beyond grateful for the new friends who found the giddy-up in themselves to come outside and meet with me, a total stranger, and run through snow, rain, sunshine, freezing temps, rain, humidity, tick season and rain while having the time of our lives.

The great news is Gnarly helped spark a local run club revolution in the area (cos you too can start a run club!):Check out Littleton Run Club in Littleton, NH on Tuesday evenings, Mad River Run Club in the Waterville Valley area on Wednesday evenings and Kingdom TNT run club in St. Johnsbury, VT on Thursday evenings.Forever grateful and THANK YOU! πŸ’œ


Get rad with us on a Squad Run. All paces welcome! Rain, snow or shine + no special equipment needed beyond your beautiful bad self.

  • WEDNESDAYS -- 6:30 PM* for an hour or so of hiking at a social pace. We meet @ Lone Oak Trailhead, parking is also available 0.25mi further down Abbot Ave on either side of the road. Download the .gpx file here.

  • WEEKEND FUN -- click here!

Maximize Your Fun --
Arrive on time, dress for the elements, rock up in some comfy running shoes + bring some water. Add or shave off distance. When days shorten, headlamps will be key.

*Last minute updates/ cancellations to weekly Squard Runs will be posted on our Instagram.


Save the 2023 dates-- we've got a couple of big Squad Runs + two races lined up!Squad Runs are fiercely noncompetitive adventures to run fun miles in the woods together. Come for all or some of the route; no sign-up necessary, just meet at the selected Start (click on links for details).Races require registering on Ultrasignup.

Black n Bloobs
50K Race
Supporting Summits In Solidarity

Get Weird,
Stay Weird

Saturday, Sep 16
8AM Pike, NH
6/12/24 HR Race
Supporting Protect Our Winters

Punkass **
Tuesday, Oct 31
7PM Littleton, NH
5K/10K Punk Ass
Let's go spooky fast at the Parker Mtn Trails!

Nov 2023
One Totally Absurd Turkey Trot Idea
Across NH

8AM Bethel, ME
84M Squad Run
Should we send it the 18th or the 24th?

Jingle Yr Jangles
Saturday, Dec 23
6PM Woodsville, NH
5K Santa Run
Wear all your red + green, blinking lights and bells!

Sunday, Feb 26
10AM Glen, NH
10K Shoe To The Clouds Race
They offer complimentary snowshoes if you signup early; enter Gnarly Trail Runners as your team!


We've got these rad commemorative holographic stickers available for $3.99 each. A large portion of the proceeds will go to Summits In Solidarity.Venmo your payment to @gnarlytrailrunners and include your mailing address.Thank you for your Gnarly support!

$3.99 ea
Stickers are 2.5" x 5"
Free shipping!


What if I think I'm too slow?
All paces welcome! Squad Runs are a no-drop good time-- there is no such thing as running too easy.
What if I'm a fast kid?
Get after that breakaway! Just let the Squad Run leader know you plan to kick up the dust when the run gets underway. Also, please consider leading a weekly fast-paced Squad Run to help grow our gnarly community.
Are Squad Runs races?
Nope! They are a fun way to mix up your training/fitness routine + build a community of gnar lovin' runners.
Who's running this show?
Although the Gnarly Trail Runners is Brie's brainchild, the Gnarrr Squarrr belongs to every rad participant.πŸ˜ŽπŸ’œ

What if I'm a total asshole with a bad attitude?
People can change but if you're dedicated to the jerkface cause, you'll be bounced from any + all Gnarly Trail Runners activities.
This sounds great but I'm scared, shy + intimidated...
We hear you but don't be! Squad Runs are beginner friendly (unless posted otherwise). If you can jog a 5k at any pace, you can join Squad Runs led by Brie because when the going gets tough, she walks + will happily walk with you.
I'm not local; how can I support GTR?
First of all, you rule + thank you! Join the Gnarly Trail Runners club on Strava, stay tuned for races + shop the GTR swaggin' wagon.


We know this grown-up stuff is unfun but the sweet news is this is a one-time read + no pop quiz later.

  • Gnarly Trail Runners exists purely to offer an opportunity for like-minded runners to exercise together in a group. Every person attending a run must take full + complete responsibility for their own actions. We recommend that you can run at least 5k/3mi comfortably at any pace.

  • The GTR squad is all about inclusion + does not discriminate against any attendees.

  • GTR squad is operated + managed by volunteers in their free time; these volunteers cannot accept any responsibility for any events that occur during GTR runs + races. These volunteers may or may not have taken any training/coaching.

  • All attendees should consider the GTR squad as an informal gathering of people who will run together in a loosely structured format. It’s your decision alone whether or not you are fit + able to run. If you are unsure consult your physician.

  • The volunteer leading the run reserves the right to refuse to let you run with the group. If you have any medical conditions that could affect you, it’s your responsibility to make the squad aware of these. If you stop mid-session please notifying the run volunteer leader. The minimum age that we can accept is 18 unless accompanied by an adult.

  • Appropriate clothing + footwear for running must be worn. You should dress appropriately for the weather + for the lighting conditions. During darker runs we recommend that you bring a hand held light or wear a headlamp together with reflective clothing.

  • Each runner must accept full + complete liability for their actions.

  • Gnarly Trail Runners may use your photographs to share on social media. If you do not wish for this to happen please let the run volunteer know.


We'd love to hear from you! Reach out with any questions you may have using the links above.Get rad, stay rad!

FKT Routes
That Need Female
+ Nonbinary
Times Posted

Let's get after it! Inspired by the Women Who FKT project, this is a complete list of New Hampshire routes that do not have a female effort of any variation (unsupported, self-supported or supported) posted. Continue to scroll to see nonbinary route information.

#flipthestatistics #womenwhoFKT #enbywhoFKT

Female Routes:

Routes Under 20 Miles:

Routes 20-50 Miles:

Routes 50-100 Miles:

Routes 100+ Miles:

Multiday Projects:

Nonbinary Routes:

New Hampshire has oodles of routes that need a nonbinary effort posted-- we encourage you to go directly to the Fastest Known Time website for route information.Posted below are routes that DO have a nonbinary time submitted + let's celebrate these amazing efforts!

Routes Under 20 Miles:

Routes 20-50 Miles:

Routes 100+ Miles:


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